DJ Sidelines Homepage

Hi and welcome to DJ Sidelines Homepage¬† ( That’s me ! )

Unless you have been given a link to my website, you must be looking for music. There is music here, all my own tracks, mostly Dance/Electronica/House style. Occasionally I do release some other styles though.

I opened this website to share with the world my creations. Some you may like, some you wont, just like any other track out there. Up until now only a select few have heard my work, mainly because I wasn’t brave enough to let the world have access to it. Now the way¬†I see it is, if you like it, fair enough, if you don’t, well that’s entirely up to you, I’ve got nothing to loose ether way.


If any tracks here are causing upset, offence or are violating something, please let me know and they will be deleted.

Feel free to download any of my tracks from the player below.

Please note, redistribution and unauthorised commercial use is forbidden.