About DJ Sideline

About DJ Sideline.

My real name is Stuart, Im Scottish, living in my quiet little corner of Scotland. Im in no way musically trained except for keyboard lessons when I was a kid.

I’ve always had a broad musical taste when it comes to listening to music. Im not a slave to any particular style of music or group. Basically if I like the sound of it, I listen to it.

My own music style is just that, my own. Im not trying to immitate any one else. When i start putting something together the final result is something that I liked the sound of. My musical ninja skills are far from complete yet and Im still exploring what i can do with the Software I have on my computer. Basically, If I like it, chances are someone else will like it too. If you find my stuff unusuall, it may be because I used to listen to a lot of stuff by “The Art of Noise” , “Kraftwerk” and the likes which is influencing me at the moment.

Why the name DJ Sideline you may ask ? Well, its basically down to the music starting off as a “sideline” hobby which is growing rapidly.

Because this is a hobby, I cant see myself doing live gigs any time soon ( also because Im crap at the basic live disc spinning stuff ).

My real job is in IT. The music helps fight back the tedium as does my daily trips to the gym.